Computer Vision for Ecology

Workshop at ECCV 2024
8:30 am - 1:00 pm
Sept 30, 2024
Milan, Italy

The Computer Vision for Ecology workshop aims to bring together experts to foster discussion on the automation of ecological data collection, collation, and analysis. Our goal is to establish a hub for the broader computer vision and ecology community at ECCV.

The workshop will encompass applications of computer vision across a wide variety of ecological systems, spanning both terrestrial and aquatic systems, ranging from the tropics to the Arctic, and from urban to rural settings. The workshop will also make specific efforts to encompass applications of computer vision which can be deployed across both low- and high-income nations. The topics we aim to address include, but are not limited to Remote sensing, Bioacoustics, Video and image-based monitoring, Citizen science, Long-tailed recognition, Zero-shot learning, expert AI systems, and Robust model deployment.